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Craps is the game of dice and chance that too many gamblers is the most exciting that you can find. Beyond that, to many professional gamblers, Craps is the fairest game with the most value and the best odds.

At first when you look over a craps table it can be, admittedly, intimidating. There are many options and bets that you can make and there seems to be a lot of games and bets within the game. It can all look very confusing. But in no time, after playing just a little while, you will come to appreciate how simple craps really is along with that added value that you cannot get in most other games.

Online casino gambling has taken craps to another new level. Always a fast paced game Craps is even faster online and that has a lot of appeal to gamblers that like big time action and like it fast.

Craps begins with the player that rolls the dice, known as the “shooter.” Gamblers can bet whether he will pass/come, or if the shooter will “don’t pass.” The shooter’s first roll is known as the “come out” roll in which a seven or eleven is an automatic win. A roll of two, three, or twelve is an automatic loss. Any other roll is known as a “point” that the shooter must roll a second time BEFORE he rolls a seven. If he rolls a seven before making his point the bet is lost.

You can bet for or against the shooter, on hard numbers for each roll, and many other exciting options.

Posted: Sep 2, 2008


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