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Buy Bets in Craps

One of the options when you play online craps is the Buy Bet. Let’s look at what these bets are and if they are good for the player.

A Buy Bet is like odds or place bets except they have different odds attached to them. The Buy Bet pays fair odds like Odds bets except you have to pay a 5% commission to make the bet. Some online casinos will only charge the commission on the 4 and 10 and only if you win while others charge it on all of the Buy Bets. The house edge on a Buy Bet for the 6 and 8 is about 1.5% but less than 1% if commission is charged only on a win. The house edge on the 5 and 9 is even less at about 1.3% and .56%. The house edge on 4 and 10 is even lower at 1.2% and .42%.

The Buy Bet is a good option when you want to bet on the 4 and 10 but if you are going to bet on the 5 and 9 or 6 and 8 you are better off going with a Place Bet.

Because the commission on the Buy Bet is 5% you want to bet at least $20 because most of the time the minimum amount the casino is going to take is $1. If you bet less than $20 you are likely still going to get charged that $1. If you bet $20 or more then the percentage is always 5%. Remember that if you want to actually make a $20 Buy Bet you would wager $21 to cover the 5% commission.

Check out the Buy Bet the next time you are playing online craps.

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