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The CPR Craps System

Have you heard of the CPR system for craps? It is actually not nicknamed to save your life as the CPR stands for collect, press and regress. Let’s take a look at this interesting craps system.

The CPR system starts after the come out roll. You place a bet on a certain point like 6 or 8. Let’s say you play the six for example. When the bet wins you collect your win and let the original bet ride. If you hit again then this time you press your bet. If you win the third time you then you take the profits and regress back to your original bet. You collect the first winning bet, press the second winning bet and after the third winning bet you regress, hence CPR. When you win three straight you start over with a new progression.

The two best bets in craps are the pass line bet and the don’t pass line bet. The place bet on the six and the eight are also good wagers with a low house edge and you can use this CPR system on those pace bets. The CPR system is very simple and pretty safe. You are not risking much money as you are just making a place bet.

The advantage to the CPR system is that it is a low risk system that takes advantage when a shooter gets hot. The disadvantage to the system is that it can be hit and miss when a shooter goes cold.

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