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Craps 101

If you want a game that offers unrivaled action and games within the game, as well as wagers within the wager, then craps is the game for you. And at an online casino gambling website, you can say craps is “juiced” with even more adrenaline, and a faster pace, as well as more gambling action!

Craps is the famous casino dice game that has its origins on the old English game known as “Hazard.” Players take turns rolling two dice, with the player tossing the dice known as the “shooter.”

The first roll is known as the “come out” roll. A dice roll of either seven or eleven is an automatic win, known in craps parlance as a “natural.” A dice roll of two, three, or twelve, however, is an automatic loss known as “craps.” A roll of any other number, (four, five, six, eight, nine, or ten) is known as the “point.” The shooter must keep rolling in the attempt of hitting his “point” before the dreaded “seven” is rolled. If the shooter makes his point before rolling a seven the game ends and he will then shoot again to establish a new point. If a seven is rolled before the point is made, known as a “seven out” the game also ends and the shooter surrenders his dice.

The fun of online casino craps is the amount of bets that you can make starting with the obvious, which is whether or not the shooter will make his point. You can also bet on a specific number being rolled before each and every dice toss!

Craps offers something for everyone starting with excitement, action, and the fairest odds and least amount of house edge anywhere at an online casino!

Posted: February 2, 2008


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