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There is no question one of the most fast paced, exciting casino games is craps. There are a lot of different betting options in craps and when the table gets hot, those wagers can continually pay off. That is what makes craps exciting and potentially profitable.

You do want to remember that the house does have an advantage in craps. It is not a big edge but it does exist. Betting intelligently on the pass line with full odds can reduce that edge a great deal. The goal will be to still be in the game when the big streak comes. If you are at the table long enough eventually a big winning streak will happen. The problem is surviving long enough to take advantage of the streak when it comes along in online craps. The bet with the least house advantage is the pass line bet with full odds. This reduces the house edge to a very small amount and can keep you in the game so you are ready for the big streak.

When you play online craps you want to be ready for that hot streak. That means being prepared with a solid bankroll and good money management. You want to be around to catch that hot streak, not go broke before it occurs because the streaks are where you make your money playing craps.


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