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Craps Hedge Bets

When you play online craps you may want to make some hedge bets. A hedge bet in craps is when you make other bets to protect yourself from losing your first bet(s). Let’s look at craps hedge bets.

The most popular craps bet is the passline bet. Let’s say you make a $10 wager on the pass line. You may want to hedge that bet by placing other wagers. You could make a smaller bet on any craps or you could choose to hedge by betting the Don’t Come. Most people will not hedge their pass line bet but they sometimes will hedge their Don’t Pass bet. If you played the Don’t Pass then you could hedge the point that was established by placing a wager on that number. For example, if the point was 6 you could then bet that number if you had a Don’t Pass Line original bet. You might have bet $10 on Don’t Pass and then put $2 on the number 6 to hedge your bet. You would win a little if the shooter misses but lose just a little if he made his point.

The hedge bet in craps should only be used if you are simply trying to stay in action for a longer period of time. If you want to win money then you don’t want to start hedging your bet because all a hedge bet does is cut into your wins. It will make your losses less but the bottom line is that you are still losing money.

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