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Craps is a very exciting online casino game as it gives you the chance to win money on every single roll of the dice. The odds on craps can be some of the lowest found anywhere in the casino. Let’s take a look at the best craps wagers you can make and their odds.

The Pass Line wager pays off at even money. The house edge is 1.4% which makes it one of the best wagers for the player in the online casino. The Don’t Pass wager has almost the exact same craps odds so it is also a good value bet for the player. Come bets and Don’t Come bets have the exact same craps odds as the Pass and Don’t Pass bets so they are also have good odds for the player.

Place bets don’t have nearly as good of odds as the pass and come bets. The only numbers that offer reasonable odds for the player are the six and eight as they offer the house a 1.51% edge. The rest of the place bet numbers give the house a 4% or more edge.

Some wagers that offer the house high odds and are bad wagers for the player are the any seven or eleven as the house edge is over 16%. The Buy Bets and Hard Way Bets also offer the player poor value. The field bet gives the house a 5.55% edge while the Any Craps and Big 6 & 8 wagers give the house big edges and the horn bet is a very poor value bet for the player.


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