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Craps Terms

Craps is one of the most colorful games in all of gambling and is frequently featured in many movies, only to serve to enhance its glamour and appeal. Online craps takes this to the next level as the speed and quickness of the game is only enhanced and craps enthusiasts will insist that it is the most exciting game in all of gambling. Craps has some colorful terms that we should examine.

We should all aspire to be an “arm” as an “arm” is a player that is so piping hot that he seemingly defies the math and odds of the game.

The “easy way” is when you roll a two-four=six, a five-three=eight, or a one-three=four.

The “hard way” rolling a four-four=eight, a three-three=six, or a five-five=ten.

A “hot table” is a table that you want to be at as it means the players are cleaning out the house.

An “insurance bet” is like a hedge as a player is making multiple bets to cover himself and protect against a huge loss.

A “natural” is when a come out roll of seven or eleven occurs, which is an automatic win.

A “parley” is when a player lets a winning bet ride, in the hopes of having a hot hand and increasing his winnings.

“Cold dice” are not wanted at all, except by the house, as they signify that the players are not winning.

“Betting right” is when you bet with the dice shooter while “betting wrong” means that you are betting against the shooter.

The game of craps is as colorful as it is exciting!

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