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No game of chance can match craps for excitement, possibilities, and value. When you are in person at a brick and mortar casino the loudest yells that you will here come from the craps tables. Now that excitement is turned on at an even higher level at online casino gambling websites where the pace and action is quicker!

Although craps is actually quite a simple game, it can be very intimidating to a beginning gambler that doesn’t know better. There are all kinds of different wagers that you can make, wagers within wagers, in fact, and for the novice it can look far more complicated that it actually is.

Craps begins with the “come out roll” in which the dice shooter automatically wins with a roll of either seven or eleven. A roll of two, three, or twelve is an automatic loser. Anything else rolled on the “come out” is what is referred to as a “point.” The shooter will again try and hit this point number BEFORE rolling a seven. For example, if a shooter rolls a five on the “come out” roll his point is five. If he rolls another five BEFORE rolling a seven he is a winner and gets to keep the dice and shoot another brand new “come out roll.” If he rolls a seven, however, before he rolls another five he loses and must relinquish the dice to the next shooter.

The other players at the craps table can bet for or against the shooter both on the come out roll and after the point is established. You can also bet on “hard” numbers being rolled each roll; any number that you like in fact.

Posted: July 2, 2008


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