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Remember the Don’t Pass in Online Craps

When you play online craps don’t forget about the Don’t Pass bet. It is not as popular as playing the pass line as you are going against the shooter but did you know that it offers better odds?

The Don’t Pass bet actually has a house edge of 1.36% while the Pass Line bet has a house edge of 1.41%. It is not a big difference but people sometimes forget that the Don’t Pass bet is actually a better wager. The Don’t Pass bet has you wagering against the shooter as you win on a 2 or 3 on the come out roll and lose on 7 or 11 while 12 is a push. If a point is established then the Don’t Pass bet wins unless the shooter rolls a 7 before making the point.

Many people don’t like to be a “wrong” bettor and go against the shooter and it is even more unpopular at a land-based casino. It is not a big deal online because other players are not going to give you dirty looks.

Also remember that you need to Lay odds when you make your Don’t Pass bet. It is just like taking odds on your Pass Line bet. Taking odds lowers the house edge in online craps even further. You will have to lay more money since you are betting Don’t Pass but it is worth it. For example, if the point was a 10 you would be laying 1-2 odds behind your Don’t Pass wager.

Enjoy online craps today at the online casino and remember the Don’t Pass bet.

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