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Getting Hot Playing Craps

If you want to win money playing craps you need to catch a hot streak. The streaks are definitely something to look at with online casino craps. There is no right or wrong answer as to when they start and stop though. If you always knew when a streak would start or stop the casinos would get destroyed. And we know that is not happening. It is a good idea to follow the streaks though because the pass line bet is one of the best bets in the casino. The house edge on craps is pretty high at about 12 percent overall but the edge can be taken down to under 2 percent or less by playing the pass line with full odds. And you can actually make money if you can get hot.

What you should be aware of, and probably are, is that in the long run casino craps is not a beatable game. The edge is with the house. Despite that, in craps you do have a chance to hit the big score if you can get in on a hot streak. This scares the house, because just like you, they don't know when a winning streak will end or how many people will get in on it. It is this short term streak that will enable you to make money playing craps. It is really the hot streak that gives you the best shot at making money at the casino craps table.

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