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How To Win At Craps

Craps is a fun game where hot streaks are where you make money. There is one bet that is better than all the others in craps and that is the pass line bet with full odds behind it. If you are going to play online craps, betting the pass line with full odds is the way to go.

As you wait for the hot streak to happen you want to avoid making prop bets. The house edge is way too high, so don’t be throwing money at prop bets. Also, remember to bring a bankroll when playing online craps. If you are going to play the pass line when playing craps you must have the bankroll to play full odds each time. Also remember to set a loss limit when you are playing craps. You want to have a bankroll to wait for the hot streak but you don’t want to lose all your money waiting for it to occur.

With online craps it is all about the streaks. Recognize when the streak happens and press it for all it is worth. That is how you make money at craps. You play intelligently and ride the streaks. Also remember to stay disciplined. Don’t go chasing losses and doubling up when playing online craps. Keep to your loss limit and play smart.


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