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Staying Alive in Craps

What do you do when playing online craps and the streaks start going against you? Your best bet is probably to choose another craps table. If that is not an option then your best option at a cold craps table is to make a Don’t Pass bet. This strategy is one you can try at a cold craps table where the shooter is not making his point. If you are just waiting around for the table to turn hot then playing the Don’t Pass is a good way to go.

What happens though when the shooter makes the point in online craps when you are playing the Don’t Pass? You might be able to pick up enough money before the point comes up to offset your Don’t Pass bet loss. You can make some place bets as you wait for the point to either be made or missed.

Keep in mind that at a cold craps table the shooter is not going to be making his point very often. Your goal is to stay alive at the table until it turns around and gets hot. Streaks are where the money is made in online craps so your goal has to be to survive until the hot streak arrives. Playing the Don’t Pass is one way to do that.


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