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Surviving the Cold Craps Table

What do you do when playing craps and the table goes cold? Your best bet is probably to choose another table, but what if that is not an option? What can you do to survive the cold craps table until it becomes hot?

The best option at a cold craps table is to make a Don’t Pass bet. Let’s say you make the bet for $20. After the point is established you could then bet $5 on the 5, $6 on the 6 and the 8, and $2 on the field. You now win with nearly every number as you wait for the 7 to show up. Once you get a win on the 5, 6, or 8, you take the bet down. Keep your field bet active after it hits. You can only lose if the point number shows up and if it takes a while, you probably already have your bets covered. Let’s say that the point is a 6. If it doesn’t take long for the shooter to crap out you still can win money on the round. Let’s say he rolls a 5 and then a 7. You win money with the 5 and also win money on the Don’t Pass bet. You do even better if it takes the shooter awhile to crap out.

This is also a great craps strategy if you are an active online craps player. If you are waiting around for the table to turn, a Don’t Pass bet can be a good wager.

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