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The Hot Craps Table

How many times have you played craps at an online casino and had a great string of passes? It probably happened fewer times than you think, but you sure do remember those long streaks. How do you know when a streak is starting at the craps table? When do you get on board and when do you stop?

Streaks are very difficult to predict. They do occur though and people do make money off of them, especially in craps. There are no guidelines that tell us when a streak is going to occur in craps. We do know that sooner or later we will see a winning streak. The goal is to get in on the streak early and ride it out. The big question becomes how do we know when to start? Some people say a streak of two straight passes is enough and then they get on board. A streak of three straight is probably better. Even at the number of three it still may not be enough for a true hot streak.

The good news for the online casino and bad news for the craps player is that streaks are not predictable. If they were then people would constantly be making money at craps and we know that is not the case. Betting on the hot streaks is something that people have done for years with craps but in the long run the casino still does well. That doesn’t mean you can’t win money though if you pick and choose your spots.

Posted: Apr 2, 2009

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