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The Thrill of Craps

The best way to describe online craps is that it is online casino gambling on steroids, or better still, ecstasy. Craps is the most exciting game in gambling and when combined with the fast pace of an online casino you have the ultimate game for gamblers.

Beyond the excitement, however, is a deeper reason why craps is loved by scores of gamblers throughout the globe. Craps is the fairest game with the best odds available. In fact, many craps bets come with what are known as “free odds” in which there is no house edge.

For those who are not familiar craps is the dice game in which all of the noise comes from at a brick and mortar casino. No game gets the players as excited and emotional as craps. The layout of a craps table is deceptive as it looks far more complicated than it actually is. There are a multitude of bets that you can make, bets within bets, and games within games, that to a novice look incredibly complicated and confusing. But it doesn’t take long to find out that despite the layout and the options that are available to gamblers, craps is an easy game to learn.

The thrust of craps begins with a “come out” roll by the dice shooter in which a seven or eleven is an automatic win while, conversely, a two, three, or twelve is an automatic loss. Any other roll is considered a “point” that the gambler will try to roll for a second time before rolling a seven.

Posted: August 2, 2008


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