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Three Point Molly Online Craps Strategy

The goal when you play online craps is to maximize your wins when the table is hot. One strategy that can help you do that is the Three Point Molly. Let’s look at the strategy.

The goal with the Three Point Molly is to have three numbers working for you at all times. For example, you play the pass line, with 2x odds and 2 come line bets with 2x odds. When one of your come line bets wins you immediately make another one. You continue doing this until the shooter makes the points or rolls a seven.

The theory behind the Three Point Molly is that you are protecting your pass line bet and taking advantage of the hot roller. The goal in online craps is to make as much as possible when a shooter is red hot. Streaks are everything in online craps and where the real money can be made.

The Three Point Molly is a really good system to use at a hot table but it won’t work if the table is cold. In fact, it is a bad system to use when the table is cold because you are losing even more money as you are making three bets instead of just one.

Try out the Three Point Molly craps system at your favorite online casino today.

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