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Craps Terminology as Unique as the Game Itself

Online craps is one of the most exciting games and biggest draws in all of online casino gambling and with that there is a unique and interesting terminology and language that comes with this most revered game of chance. With that in mind let's take a look at some of the most common terms in online craps.

COME OUT ROLL is the roll that begins the fresh round in the game of craps and also where the only time in which the point is established for the line bettors. It is also the only time in which one can roll craps or a natural.

NATURAL is when a come out roll results in either a seven or eleven. A natural results in a win for the Pass Line wagers and a loss for the Don't Pass Line bets.

BONES are a slang term for the dice used in the game of craps.

HOUSE EDGE is the statistical and mathematical edge that the online casino holds on any given wager. If the house has a five percent edge that means that it will rake in five cents out of every dollar wagered. The lower the house edge the better your chances for success. Craps has among the lowest house edge percentages if any game offered at an online casino.

POINT is the number that is set on the come out roll. It can be any number other than seven or eleven, which are naturals, or two, three and 12 which are craps.

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