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Best to Rely on Bets and Odds instead of Dice to win at Craps

There has always been the myth and circle of thought that you can predict the dice roll outcomes when playing online craps. These people believe in essence that the dice will be "due" for numbers that have not been rolled in a considerable amount of time. While at first glance the "Due Theory" makes some sense and has an obvious appeal to those who can at least relate to if a seven has not been rolled at an online craps game in several and multiple rolls that it must hit in the next roll or two. The problem with the "Due Theory" is that it ignores the bigger odds and mathematical gravity that is always due and never goes away.

The "Due Theory" is not a rational way to bet and a sure fire way to lose money because using the "Due Theory" employs a direct defiance of the actual odds, math, and what the best and most logical wager actually is. In fact, the logic of the "Due Theory" is that it is FALSE logic.

Even in online craps the dice roll is always random which means that the dice shooter changes that does not mean that there will be any actual effect on the roll of the dice and its outcome.

Craps offers the best odds of any game at any table but you must respect the odds and math and use them to your advantage with real logic.

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