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Taking Full Advantage of Online Craps

Online craps is one of the fairest games that a player can find as far as finding a low house edge and the ability to have a real shot at making money. That is countered by the fact that online craps is one of the fastest paced games that can be found at an online casino.

The house edge for online casino craps is around 0.67% which makes the game a tremendous bargain. Compared to most other online casino games the house edge in craps is significantly generous towards the player.

Half of the battle of succeeding at online craps is simply being smart enough not to be stupid, reckless, and out of control on tilt. An online craps table can look intimidating at first with all of the betting options and chips in various spots but don't let that fool you as it's actually a very simple game. One of the great ironies of craps is that the bets with the biggest payouts are usually the worst bets with the worst odds and value. Big Six, Big Eight, Hard Four and Hard Ten are the worst bets on the board despite the enticing payouts if they are hit. Avoid them as the waste of time and money that they are.

The best bet in online craps is the lowest casino odds bet which is known as the pass line bet. The pass bet is made on the come out roll of the dice which determines the point. While the payout is smaller that is because the risk is smaller as well.

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