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Welcome to Online Craps Gambling!

While it's not normally the most popular game amongst online gamblers, craps really is actually one of the most exciting casino games available to casino patrons, online or off - and online craps is what we're all about. }

Whether you're already an experienced player looking for a good game of craps at an online casino, or you're new to the game and need some help getting started, there's something here for all.

Craps is a dice game that is very popular in land based casinos and has most recently become a big hit online. It is, however, one of the hardest games to learn, but once you do, you could get seriously hooked!

The first and most important thing is to understand the basic bets. It's very hard to do this in a land based casino because you have screaming people around you and it's a state of confusion. It's best to read up on the rules online before attempting to play if you do not fully understand. The intimidation in this game is quite high and therefore many don't want to learn it because of it's complexity.

If you concentrate on simple bets, though, craps is NOT difficult. Money can be won and lost, however, very quickly but the level of adrenaline you'll get is priceless!

As opposed to a land based casino, at home you get to control things like environment and sound. Casinos can distract you but when you're playing online, you can concentrate on the game easier. In the game of craps, everyone is standing but at home, you'll be able to sit in your favorite chair in comfort. The only downside is, you can't be the shooter like you can in land based, but that's ok, you're odds of winning may improve.

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  1. Craps Rules
    Not sure on all the rules of the game? Don't feel so bad, craps is one of the most difficult casino games to follow.
  2. Craps Terms
    From barred numbers to the vigorish, there's a lot of lingo that goes with the game. What does it all mean?
  3. Craps Strategy
    Craps is another game where the house edge is slight. Learn how to play smart and minimize the houses edge to maximize your profits.
  4. Craps History
    Information on the history of the game over the years - street craps, bank craps and how they spread to North America from Europe.

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Craps Information

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Advice For New Gamblers
These are the main points a gambler should always keep in mind. Gambling is meant to be entertainment but for some people it can be become a nightmare; please gamble responsibly.

Bad Bets in Craps
The biggest sucker bets in craps ; take our advice and try to avoid them.

Craps Reviews + Screen shots
Not sure where to play still? Check out some brief reviews and thumbnails from a handful of great online casinos.

Where to Play Craps
Online Craps Gambling gives you the lowdown on some great online casinos offering craps games. Play for real money or just for fun.

Big Casino Bonuses
Who doesn't like free money? Click here for a list of online casinos that are offering free cash to new casino players.

More Gambling Links
A collection of more great gaming sites you can visit  featuring craps, video poker, poker, slots and more casino games.

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